The author writes ...

Dear friend of our beautiful island of Corfu,

This website contains 80 photos. I hope it will encourage you to buy my new hardback book Venetian Corfu, and Edward Lear’s Paintings which is 184 pages long and illustrated by 300 photos, including 43 of Lear's paintings and 30 maps.

In 1966, my wife Jannie and I stayed in the one room stone hut of my brother Peter, who wrote Irish Flames and was a drinking and dancing friend of Gerald Durrell. You will meet him at the end of my new book..

In 1970, we built Greek Walls, our own little house overlooking the west coast to see our Corfu SunsetCorfu Sketches tells of us exploring Venetian and British Corfu Town.

In 2010, we explored the island in Walking the Corfu Trail - with Friends, Flowers and Food and I copied my father’s sailing in Atlantic Affair and windsurfed between the islands.

Please enjoy this website, explore the island, tell your friends and then buy my new hardback book which illustrates 400 years of Venetian rule and Britain’s 50-year mandate. Edward Lear, famous for his comic writing, painted the island nearly 200 years ago. Please feel free to contact John Waller here.

We start in Venice, travel through the Corfu Channel and learn about Ottoman invasions, French occupation and the Cold War. 

Lear’s Cannon Walk contains 23 locations: Jewish Quarter, two Venetian Forts, Venice-like streets, two British palaces and cricket ground, and French arcades. 

Lear on the Corfu Trail is from Paxos in the south to Corfu’s northern cape, 30 paintings with maps, plus Democrats and Oligarchs, Odysseus landing on Corfu and Global Warming as shown by the olive picking season.